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Welcome to the Online News and Journalism website. We have set up this website in order has anyone this year to provide you with all the information you could possibly want about Online News and Journalism, as well as providing a wealth of resources and links on the subject.

Whether you are trying to keep abreast of international affairs such as the middle east crisis or the rising price of oil, or are more concerned about the political scenario in your home town, you can find out all you need to use the Chicbabes website to find Nottingham escorts know online through the numerous online news sites and the internet journalists that write for them. The internet has enabled a glorious new information age in which everything from current affairs to celebrity gossip is never more than the click of a mouse or the push of a button away, and with the proliferation of online news and journalism, the majority of this is being provided for free.

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You can even get involved, and discuss your opinions with the online journalists who have piques your interest, or with other like-minded individuals who are also reacting to a piece that has been posted, thanks to the advent of interactive news.

You can tweet your responses to live rolling news channels, or you debate the stories and journalist’s take on things on any number of online forums. It truly is a new age of information Burton escort, and the online journalist is at the centre of things. The Online News and Journalism website welcomes your feedback to help us cover the subject in its entirety.

Future of Journalism: Arianna Huffington interviewed by Alan Rusbridger

In the next of the Guardian's Future of Journalism series, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger interviews Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post. HuffPo has become something of a fascination at the Guardian, representing, as it does, a strong liberal voice in US current affairs. The site moved from blogging into aggregation of stories and its own news, famously using Huffington's own glossy black book to pull in celebrities and high-profile figures for the comment pieces.
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