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Here at the Online News and Journalism website we want you to understand just how ubiquitous news now is, thanks to the advent of the internet and all of the latest technology that enables us to view it wherever we are. The online journalist therefore has a responsibility to a vast number of unknown readers, because people will be accessing his work from all over the world. There are some who let the side down, but on the whole, the purveyors of this new information age are performing admirably. Let us know if there is anything on the subject of Online News and Journalism that you think we haven’t covered.

Future of Journalism: Arianna Huffington interviewed by Alan Rusbridger

In the next of the Guardian's Future of Journalism series, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger interviews Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post. HuffPo has become something of a fascination at the Guardian, representing, as it does, a strong liberal voice in US current affairs. The site moved from blogging into aggregation of stories and its own news, famously using Huffington's own glossy black book to pull in celebrities and high-profile figures for the comment pieces.
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