Advertising space in publications

Advertisements have become a central part to many journalistic publications – from newspapers to magazines. You can purchase advertising space in a publication by:

  • Bidding for the space directly, in which case the highest bidder wins. This enables you to get usually expensive advertising at affordable prices.
  • Allowing publishers to go back on a bid on your advertising criteria, whereby the lowest bidder wins. This means you get the advertising you want at the very best price.
  • By putting in an offer for advertising space, this enables you to make an offer which the publisher is able to accept or deny. If accepted you will get the space at a price you are happy to pay.
  • By requesting an estimate from agencies and service providers in the Classifieds area such as Gumtree.
  • By asking for an advertising service in the wanted area and accepting the best offers. This allows you to get the best advertising space at the best price.

Online and magazine advertising

On our site you can find everything from online advertising to magazine advertising to radio and television advertising to advertising via promotional material. We give you full control on how you choose to go about purchasing your advertising space and allow you to do it all from one place. We are also full of excellent advertising resources to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts through information and helpful tools. There are several different ways you can purchase advertising space through us, all with unique advantages.


Future of Journalism: Arianna Huffington interviewed by Alan Rusbridger

In the next of the Guardian's Future of Journalism series, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger interviews Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post. HuffPo has become something of a fascination at the Guardian, representing, as it does, a strong liberal voice in US current affairs. The site moved from blogging into aggregation of stories and its own news, famously using Huffington's own glossy black book to pull in celebrities and high-profile figures for the comment pieces.
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