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Writing the wring things about the right people

The law of defamation protects the reputation of individuals from any unjustified attack. It tries to balance the individual's rights with freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. Therefore, the law provides not only ways for people to safeguard their reputation and win compensation, but also puts in place defences to allow for defamatory statements being made for justifiable reasons.

Publications are often reluctant to pursue cases because they can be expensive and it can often be difficult to prove the truth of an article in court. This section of cannot give the full details of how defamation operates because it is a very in-depth area of law.

Future of Journalism: Arianna Huffington interviewed by Alan Rusbridger

In the next of the Guardian's Future of Journalism series, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger interviews Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post. HuffPo has become something of a fascination at the Guardian, representing, as it does, a strong liberal voice in US current affairs. The site moved from blogging into aggregation of stories and its own news, famously using Huffington's own glossy black book to pull in celebrities and high-profile figures for the comment pieces.